Personal Injury Lawyer Jeffrey T. Roberts


Orange County area personal injury lawyer Jeffery T. Roberts, a The Roberts Law Firm's founding member, is dedicating to helping victims of all types of personal injuries. As a former attorney for an insurance company, Mr. Roberts is now committed to helping accident victims fight insurance companies.

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MR. JEFFREY T. ROBERTS: My name's Jeff Roberts, I am an attorney here at the Roberts Law Firm, a firm that I founded 10 years ago to serve people that had been involved in serious personal injury accidents. I'm a native to southern California, born and raised here, and went to college locally too. I went to law school at the University of Miami down in Florida. I graduated in 1996 cum laude. I returned here to Southern California to begin working as an attorney. When I started working, I was actually working for an insurance company defending against personal injury cases. And it wasn't too long after being there working for the insurance company that I realized that I needed to change sides and begin representing people that had been involved in personal injury accidents. I saw first hand how the insurance company took advantage of people. And my own personal experience, I myself was involved in a personal injury when I was 5 years old. I had a serious dog bite that unfortunately my parents didn't get representation from a personal injury attorney. And we were taken advantage of by the insurance company. It was that experience along with my first hand knowledge of how insurance companies work that led me to open up the Roberts Law Firm and to help people that had been involved in serious personal injury accidents.

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