Accidents Involving Catastrophic Injuries Are Life-Changing Events

Without warning, you or a loved one can be a victim of an accident that can change your life forever. A horrific car accident resulting in major internal injuries and several broken bones, an accident that results in a fire leaving a person with burns over much of their body, or a blow to the head that creates a traumatic brain injury all have the gravitas to leave a victim and their family reeling for years.

Attorneys who specialize in catastrophic injuries have many challenges when it comes to working with victims. It requires stamina, the use of significant resources inside and outside of a firm (i.e. expert witnesses), and the ability to communicate effectively as well as work closely with a victim and their family for months, and in many cases, years before a case can be resolved.

Catastrophic Injuries Can Take You Years to Fully Recover

Personal injury cases involving catastrophic injuries are extremely difficult and complex to build an effective strategy around. In addition to proving negligence on the part of the defendant, trying to put a dollar amount on the loss of limbs, eyesight, major burns, or when spinal injuries or paralysis is involved means attempting to calculate losses that can climb into the millions of dollars. Attorneys must also follow critical procedural rules as well, making sure that they adhere to important deadlines and other key issues.

Consideration must be given individually to not only pain and suffering (which will be significant) but also to how long a person will be unable to return to work and how much their lost wages will be as well as the cost of medical bills to recover from primary injuries and costs for any rehabilitation as well. Many times, rehabilitation can go on for years, if not for a victim’s entire remaining lifetime. Secondary forms of compensation may also include a dollar amount for a loss of companionship

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