Accidents Resulting in Spinal Cord and Neck Injuries Are the Most Devastating of All

Spinal cord and neck injuries are among the most devastating kinds of injuries. Each year, thousands of people become partially paralyzed, fully paralyzed, or suffer injuries that cause excruciating life-long pain. For those who are paralyzed; medical complications and a life time regimen of high level care can be permanent, expensive, and traumatic.

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center; motor vehicle accidents are the most common way that spinal cord injuries occur, accounting for 42% of all such injuries. This is followed by falls which accounts for almost 27% and acts of violence which cause 15% of all spinal cord injuries.

Some of these accidents are through the victim’s own carelessness. However, a large part of accidents that result in spinal cord and neck injuries are the result of the reckless or negligent actions of others. When this is the case, a victim should retain a spinal cord and neck injury lawyer and seek compensation.

All Spinal Cord and Neck Injury Cases Center on Proving Negligence

Attorneys representing a victim and seeking to recover damages must be able to prove that a defendant was negligent and that their actions directly led to the victim’s injuries. For example, if a person drives drunk and slams into another car, causing a spinal cord or neck injury, that is a fairly straightforward case of negligence on the part of the drunk driver. However, other cases are less linear and may require much more due diligence, gathering of evidence, and the use of expert witnesses to prove a case.

Working closely with an experienced attorney, expert witnesses will also play a key role in determining the amount of the reward depending on the level of care required, a substantial loss of wages, and a lifetime of pain and suffering that the victim will be subjected to.

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