Commercial vehicle accidents

The Common Types and Causes of Truck Accidents

One out of every eight fatal auto injuries involves a commercial vehicle. Even though the roads are primarily occupied by small passenger vehicles (trucks only comprise three percent of vehicles on the road) the injuries that result from truck accidents are generally more serious. Read about the common causes of truck accidents, and learn how injured victims may be eligible for financial compensation for their medical costs. Victims of truck accidents can contact Orange County attorneys Jeff Roberts and Michael Jeandron to learn how he can help them protect their rights.

Here are some interesting facts that help explain why truck accidents are more serious:

  • According to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, passenger vehicles are designed to encounter like size vehicles not larger trucks.
  • A truck traveling 70 mph has twice as much energy as one traveling 50 mph.
  • Most trucks have high front bumpers that crash into the passenger compartment of a vehicle in a collision.

Because of the resulting severity of accidents involving trucks, it is important to know the most common causes of truck accidents so that you could avoid potential collisions.

Blind Spots

Blind spots, commonly referred to as “No-Zone” spots or areas, are the areas behind and beside the truck where the driver has limited or zero visibility. Most passenger vehicles have blind spots and therefore blind spots are not strange to most drivers. However, what is usually unknown to most drivers is that the larger the truck, the larger the blind spot. A good rule of thumb is if you cannot see the truck driver, the truck driver probably cannot see you. To avoid a collision with a truck, drivers should be aware of the “No-Zone” areas of a truck and avoid driving in them.

Squeeze Play and Swinging Turns

A “squeeze play” or “swinging turn” is often the reason for collisions involving trucks when they need to make a turn. A “squeeze play” or “swinging turn” occurs when a truck needs to make a turn in one direction, but in order to make that turn must swing out in the other direction. For example, if a truck is trying to make a right turn, in order to make that turn the driver often needs to swing left to negotiate the turn. This can cause an accident in two ways: when the truck swings left, it can squeeze a car between itself and the curb; or, if a car was passing on the right, and was in the trucks blind spot or “No-Zone” area, it too can be squeezed.



Truck accidents from braking can occur due to brake failure, improper braking technique, and stopping distance. Truck brakes, just like passenger vehicle brakes, can fail due to improper installation, maintenance, and age. Additionally, truck drivers should reduce their speed using proper technique that reduces speed about 5-6 miles with each application of the brakes. Lastly, drivers must be aware that trucks require more distance to stop than passenger vehicles and that the heavier the truck, the greater the distance needed to stop.

Other Truck Accident Causes

A few other causes of truck accidents include:

  • Aggressive drivers
  • Failure to inspect tires and lights
  • Tailgating
  • Driving between trucks
  • Fatigue
  • Cell phone use
  • Speeding

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