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    When a Bike Accident Injury Victim Needs a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Newport Beach, California

    March 2, 2019

    California state law ensures that anyone who has suffered injuries in a bicycle accident as a result of the negligence of the driver of a car may file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages. Bicycles offer no outer protection for riders, and injuries in bike accidents are often severe and disabling. The state of California has a high rate of bicycle accident fatalities, and injuries often involve expensive medical treatment as well as lost wages and sometimes permanent disability. The Roberts Law Firm of Newport Beach, California will use its experience and knowledge to help you recover all possible compensation if you’ve suffered a bicycle accident injury.

    When Driver Negligence Causes a Bike Accident

    The negligence of drivers of cars often leads to bicycle accidents in which cyclists are hurt. One common cause of bicycle accidents is driver impairment because of alcohol or drugs. Drivers who are making left-hand turns are required to yield the right of way to others, but if a bicycle is not seen, a collision often occurs. A bicyclist who is riding past parked cars also risks colliding with a car door that is suddenly opened. The Roberts Law Firm of Newport Beach, California and its experienced attorneys will discover any negligence on the part of a driver that led to your bicycle accident injuries.

    Bicycle Accident Injuries

    Bicycle accident injuries range in severity from minor abrasions and bruising to permanent brain damage and paralysis. Hand fractures are common because the bicyclist may reach out with one hand to try to protect himself against the fall. Other types of fractures are also common, as well as neck and head injuries. Many of these injuries require prolonged time off work. The Roberts Law Firm of Newport Beach, California understands the nature of these injuries and is dedicated to winning you the maximum amount of compensation to meet your needs.

    Call to Schedule a Free Legal Consultation with a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Newport Beach, California Today

    If you’ve suffered a bicycle accident injury, call to schedule a free legal consultation with a bicycle accident lawyer in Newport Beach, California today. The Roberts Law Firm of Newport Beach, California has the experience needed to defend your rights. Call us at 949-478-0499 and let us be your advocates.

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