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Personal Injury Lawsuits Orange County

The Roberts Law Firm has recovered over $40 million for serious injuries across Southern California.

Confidential Settlements*

$5,000,000 for a pedestrian hit in a crosswalk

$1,750,000 for a child hit by a car

$1,500,000 for a bicycle accident case

$775,000 for a U.S. postman hit by an elderly driver

$250,000 for a rear end auto accident case with less than $2,000 damage

$1,500,000 for damages caused by a faulty elevator that suddenly dropped a floor

$2,500,000 for damages caused in a trucking accident

Jury Verdicts*

Kirwan v. Gupta:
Last offer $525,000
Verdict $1,500,000

Wallace v. Best Western:
Last offer $15,000
Verdict $550,000

Hogan v. Advance Shuttle:
Last offer $25,000
Verdict $300,000

Zeldin v. Bartlett:
Last offer $14,000
Verdict $95,000

Reed v. Ruelas:
Last offer $11,000
Verdict $56,000

Edwards v. Enterprise Rent a Car Company:
Last Offer: $100,000
Verdict: $361,000

Hendry v. 7-Eleven:
Last Offer: $65,000
Verdict: $390,000

*partial list