Buses Are Safe, but Bus Accidents Do Happen

Because of the big size disparity between buses and passenger cars, trucks, bicycle riders, and pedestrians; the potential for a catastrophic outcome with an accident involving a bus increases dramatically.

Although buses are among the safest forms of transportation for riders, and due to enhanced training that all bus drivers are required to take, accidents are less frequent than with most other modes of transportation. However, when bus accidents take place in Newport Beach, the potential for serious injuries and death rises exponentially.

Bus Accident Cases Can Be Complicated

When two cars are involved in an accident, the procedures for dealing with that type of accident are fairly straightforward. That is not necessarily the case when a bus is involved in an accident. First; many victims could be involved, injuries could be more significant, and determining who is actually at fault could be a time consuming and complex process.

The process becomes even more problematic when dealing with buses that are operated by government entities. Filing a claim against the government requires following strict rules and processes to avoid losing any rights to seek damages.

Questions an Attorney Will Ask in a Bus Accident Case

In bus accident cases, the key to winning damages is determining and proving liability. Much of the time, this will focus on the actions of the bus driver, but it is also worth considering if any liability exists on the part of the owners of the bus or the manufacturers of the bus as well.

To prove liability, an attorney will take a look at the following issues as part of a larger overall strategy:

  • Was the driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Was the driver adequately trained?
  • Was fatigue a factor in any way while driving the bus?
  • Was the bus itself in good mechanical working order and was it properly maintained throughout its service life?
  • Was the bus loaded properly, both with luggage and passengers?

Generally, the more defendants an attorney can identify in a bus accident case, the greater the chances are that a plaintiff will receive a full and substantial payout for losses they incurred.

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