Department Store Accidents

Department Store Accidents Attorneys 

An escalator in a well know department store suddenly stops, throwing customers down steep metal steps into a jumbled heap of bodies. Multiple customers are seriously injured with broken bones, head injuries, and open wounds.

The store said it was a fluke accident, but maintenance records for the escalator told a different story, the store knew the escalator was prone to sudden break downs and posed a real hazard to its customers.  Orange County accident attorneys uncovered the truth and secured needed compensation for the victims of the department store’s negligence.

Another personal injury suffered in an Orange County department store saw a man slip and fall and break his arm on water leaking from a water fountain.  And although the store knew about the defective water fountain they blamed the customer for not seeing the clear water on the smooth white tile.  The man, injured by department store negligence, fought the store and was reimbursed for his lost income, for his medical bills, and for the pain of surgery and rehabilitation for his arm.

Injuries while shopping in Orange County and Riverside County department stores are common place because the stores are large, and staffing is not sufficient to keep floors and the premises clear of hazards by conducting regular sweeping and maintenance of the floors.  California law requires a department store to maintain its store free of hazards, and to regularly conduct inspections to look for hazards.  If a customer is injured in a department store accident that the store could have avoided, the department store is responsible for the harm and expenses a customer suffers due to injury.

The Roberts Law Firm located in Orange County, California, represents customers who have been injured in stores due to faulty maintenance of floors and equipment on the premises.  And when the store says “not our fault,” the accident attorneys at The Roberts Law Firm fight to prove them wrong and to get clients full compensation.

California Department Store Accidents

The accident attorneys at the Orange County and Riverside County law offices of The Roberts Law Firm have handled department store injuries involving the following stores:




JC Penney’s



Home Depot

California Department Store Injuries

The Roberts Law Firm has handled injury cases suffered in department store accidents caused by the following:

Wet floors

Falling merchandise from over-stacked shelves.

Elevator and escalator accidents

Improperly maintained shelving and or displays

Parking lot accidents

Slipping rug and mat accidents

Merchandise left on the floor

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Being injured in any type of accident can exert its effects on your life for years to come. Please do not hesitate to call The Roberts Law Firm for a free consultation. With many years of experience handling all types of accident and injury claims they will fight to get you and your family the benefits and compensation you rightfully deserve.

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