Your Initial Consultation With Your Newport Beach Car Accident Attorney

When you turn to a Newport Beach car accident attorney, you do so because you have injuries or property damage that you deserve to be paid for. Almost any accident that you and your vehicle might both be involved in is going to result in some sort of trauma, be it physical, emotional, or both. The impulse to try to get financial justice is a powerful one, but it’s not always easy to do. Insurance companies work hard to minimize their payouts without any concern about your well-being — thus, a car accident lawyer is vital.

During your initial consultation, you’re going to have a lot of area to cover with your potential Los Angeles car accident attorney. Not only are you essentially interviewing the attorney to determine if you can work with them, but you’re also learning about your case and what your legal options are. You’re going to want to ask them:

  • Does the auto accident attorney have ample experience in the field of car accident cases? Does their support staff also have experience working this kind of case?
  • Do you actually have a case at all? Even if you haven’t signed off on some sort of settlement (which binds you to not sue in the future), your case may not be strong enough on it’s face to make it into court.
  • Are there any pieces of evidence that you might be able to acquire that could make the case strong enough to proceed with?
  • What is the next step? Discuss all of your options with your potential lawyer.

After you’ve talked to several lawyers and ask them all these questions, go with your gut — pick the one that seems the most competent and feels like you would work the best with. There’s no point in picking a lawyer with a stunning success ratio if you can’t stand the guy.

Once you’ve decided which lawyer you want to work with, they’ll generally work quite closely with you to determine what your next best steps are. Every case will be unique in this regard; no two sets of circumstances are exactly alike. In all likelihood, the attorney is going to ask you for a lot of further information and details — get used to sharing everything with them. The more they know, the more likely they are to win, plain and simple.

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