Irvine Pedestrian Hit By Car: Attorney Helps Family Sue For Wrongful Death

Irvine Valley College. UC Irvine. Concordia Irvine. With three colleges packed into one town, there’s no wonder that the number of pedestrian-related accidents in Irvine is greater than in your typical California town — which in turn increases the demand for lawyers that can help an Irvine pedestrian hit by a car. Attorneys across our city specialize in the area of personal injury law that focuses on walkers (and bike-riders) who get hit by moving vehicles.

According to the National Traffic Safety Administrsation, more than 45,000 pedestrians were killed — and more than 700,000 severely injured — in the last decade, and the number one most dangerous state for pedestrian fatalities was California! The total medical bills for all of those people run easily upwards of a trillion dollars — a good portion of which was paid by the people at fault, thanks to the justice system and the wrongful death attorneys who filed this cases and pursued justice.

Irvine more dangerous for pedestrians than NYC
In Irvine alone, three people on foot died in traffic accidents in 2011. That might not seem like many, but consider that in the entirety of New York City, only 130 people died in the same year — per capita, that’s almost 20% less than in Irvine. And while LA may be moving strongly toward bicycle-friendliness since Mayor Villaraigosa shattered his elbow in a 2010 biking accident, not as much care is being taken of pedestrians in the area. Los Angeles’ wrongful death attorneys are seeing the difference, too: fewer bike-car collisions and more pedestrian accidents in the past few years.

If one of your loved ones was hit by a car and passed away, contact a personal injury attorney specializing in pedestrian accidents — and don’t wait to do it. The faster you enlist the help of a competent lawyer, the better your chance of finding the evidence you need to win your case. The longer you delay, the more evidence is erased by mother nature, by the accidents of well-intentioned people, and eventually, by the statue of limitations.

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