When Man’s Best Friend Causes a Dog Bite Accident

Almost everyone loves dogs. Our faithful and happy companions bring us countless hours of fun and joy. But sometimes, even the most well-mannered canine can lash out and bite someone, perhaps in response to a perceived threat to their owners or their property. The sad truth is that dog bite accidents happen on a regular basis in California. In fact, stats show that the Golden State is actually the dog bite capital of the United States, according to a report a few years ago from the Insurance Information Institute and State Farm Insurance.

When a dog does bite someone, that victim has the right to recover damages from an owner and other potentially responsible parties. Dog bites, and all animal bites for that matter, not only can produce several different kinds of injuries; but they can also lead to infections from diseases that the animal was carrying. And in some cases, animal bites can result in death, even though an initial bite may not seem that serious.

Strict Liability Laws Apply

Strict liability laws apply when dealing with dog bite accidents cases in Santa Ana as well as all cities across the Golden State. This means that no matter what the circumstances are surrounding the case, an owner is responsible for their dog’s actions at all times as well as any damages resulting from the dog bite. If you are the victim of a dog bite, all you need to do is demonstrate that the bite took place in a public place or lawfully in a private place such as a home or yard that you were legally allowed to access.

To add strength to a claim and help earn the maximum possible amount, a skilled dog bite accident attorney may also look at others who can also be held liable. Landlords can also be held liable if they rent to individuals with a dangerous dog. Animal keepers or shelters may also be held liable in some cases. And parents of minors who own a dog may also face consequences, even if the animal belonged to the child and the parents had no direct involvement.

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