Electric scooter rental injury attorney in California

Electric scooter usage is on the rise in California, with rental scooters lining the streets. Renting an electric scooter on a whim may seem like a fun, fast way to get around the city. But electric scooters aren’t without safety risks. 

When navigating through busy traffic, electric scooter injuries are a possibility. Traffic congestion is common in California, increasing the risk of accidents. Furthermore, most people who rent electric scooters ride without a helmet or other protective gear. As a result, even collisions at low speeds can lead to serious injuries. 

Electric scooter accident victim receiving first aid


Dangers and Common Injuries

One downside of rental scooters is that proper safety gear is not provided. Therefore, most people end up riding without helmets or padding. This leads to an increased risk of head injuries, neck injuries, and broken bones in the event of an accident. Additionally, some riders weave through traffic or switch between the road and the sidewalk to avoid traffic. This can endanger both pedestrians and drivers, not to mention the rider themselves. 

But the dangers of electric scooters aren’t limited to traffic accidents. Some riders choose to discard their scooters in the middle of walkways, putting pedestrians at risk of fall related injuries. Regardless of whether you’re a pedestrian, a driver, or an electric scooter rider yourself, you could be involved in an electric scooter accident. 

If you are seriously injured in that accident, you could be left with some hefty hospital bills. Should you decide to pursue legal action, you’ll have court and legal fees as well. Here’s how to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve to cover the costs of your injury. 

What You Need to Do Today

If you were involved in an electric scooter injury, seek out the services of a personal injury attorney in California. Contact Roberts | Jeandron Injury Attorneys to receive a free consultation with an attorney. A free evaluation allows you to speak to someone with experience prosecuting cases related to electric scooter injuries without breaking the bank. A personal injury attorney will represent your best interests, so you are compensated for your time and any damages you’ve sustained. 

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