Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney

In the event of a motorcycle accident, the rider is at real and substantial risk of injury. Unlike a car or truck, a motorcycle leaves the operator completely exposed and provides no level of protection. If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should consider legal counsel, as you may be entitled to damages. Our team of experts can help – we are riders ourselves and are intimately familiar with motorcycle law. We understand the risks faced by riders, which is why we educate them on motorcycle injuries. Please contact our law firm today to arrange a complimentary consultation with Personal Injury Attorney Jeff Roberts. He would be happy to discuss your case with you and serves the injured in Orange County and Riverside County, California.

Common Injuries In Motorcycle Accidents

The risks facing motorcyclists are ever-present. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that motorcycle fatalities account for 5 percent of all highway fatalities per year, yet motorcycles represent only 2 percent of registered motor vehicles. This increased risk of injury stems from the nature of the vehicle; riders are exposed directly to the forces of a collision. Following certain motorcycling safety principles can help a rider avoid an accident, and protective outerwear can help minimize the risk of injury in the event of a crash, but the injuries are still common.

Road Rash and Abrasions – Protective outerwear can greatly reduce the risk of abrasions or road rash in an accident. However, if a rider is unprotected, he or she can suffer severe injury even if no bones are broken because the skin comes into direct contact with the ground. In severe cases, typically classified as third-degree road rash, the outer layers of skin are completely removed, leaving the inner tissue exposed. As with a third-degree burn, such injury would require immediate medical attention. Even if you’ve suffered first-degree road rash, which is the mildest classification, we still recommend that you seek medical attention so that your condition can be evaluated by a professional.

Bone Fractures – If a collision is severe, a rider can suffer bone fractures. As with any broken bone, immediate medical attention should be sought to ensure the bone properly heals. According to the Center for Neuro Skills, the most common type of bone fracture in a motorcycle accident is a broken leg. The legs are particularly vulnerable because they are often trapped underneath the motorcycle in the accident. However, wrist, hand, and arm fractures are also common as many riders instinctively try to break their fall. Protective outerwear can safeguard against road rash, but in a severe collision, bone fractures can still occur.

Traumatic Brain Injury – Though many motorcycle injuries are relatively minor, our Orange County practice has witnessed numerous cases of traumatic brain injury. Even with a helmet, blunt force trauma can still cause severe injury to the head. Sadly, in many of these instances, the injuries cause irreparable damage and are life-changing. If a member of your family has suffered a traumatic brain injury or you have suffered head trauma and are no longer able to work as a result, we can help you recover financial compensation for loss of wages, loss of earning capacity, medical costs, and pain and suffering. In the tragic event that your loved one has died in a motorcycle accident, we can help you prepare a wrongful death claim. As with all motorcycle litigation,establishing liability is the key to a successful outcome, and we have more than 16 years of experience handling such cases.

Contact A Riverside County Injury Law Firm

Educating riders on common motorcycle injuries is a goal at our law office, as it provides riders with a better understanding of the risks they face and greater insight into what actions they should take in the event they are injured. In nearly all cases, we highly recommend riders seek medical care if they are injured in a motorcycle accident; failing to do so can negatively impact their ability to recover damages if they should choose to file a claim at a later point in time. If you or someone you love has been injured, please don’t hesitate to contact our Newport Beach law practice regarding those motorcycle injuries.

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