Motorcycle Accident Investigation

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Riverside County 

In order to establish liability following a motorcycle accident, we must conduct a comprehensive motorcycle accident investigation and reconstruction. At our Orange County and Riverside County law firm, we are motorcyclists ourselves and specialize in motorcycle litigation. You can rest assured that we have the skills and experience necessary to protect your legal rights and determine fault in your accident.

The unique circumstances surrounding motorcycle accidents make it especially important to consult with professionals well-versed in such cases; with more than 16 years of experience, Mr. Jeff Roberts is just such a professional. We are proud of the fact that the Roberts Law Firm is built on a foundation of riders representing riders, and would be honored to help you. To arrange a consultation with Mr. Roberts regarding a motorcycle accident, please contact our law office in Newport Beach today.

The Importance of Reconstructing Motorcycle Accidents

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and are unsure what actions you should take, please reference our recommendations on what to do after a motorcycle accident. If you believe that you may be entitled to financial compensation but are having difficulty recovering damages from the other party, we can help. We undertake a number of steps in order to conduct a proper and complete investigation on behalf of our clients. Typically, a motorcycle accident investigation conducted by our Orange County office will consist of the following:

Preservation of Motorcycle – We highly recommend that you retrieve your motorcycle in the event it is placed in storage following your accident. In many instances, the motorcycle is towed and stored after an accident, without the owner’s permission. Not only is the motorcycle valuable evidence, but leaving it in storage will result in the accrual of fees that must be paid by the vehicle owner. We can help you obtain reimbursement for costs related to retrieving your motorcycle at a later point.

Consultation with Forensic Experts – Photographs and witness testimonials can help us piece together the circumstances surrounding your accident, but in many instances, the true cause of the crash can only be determined after meeting with forensic experts. A forensic expert can take a scientific approach to accident investigation and reconstruction, which can prove invaluable in determining fault. Vehicle speeds, impact forces, the movement of the involved vehicles, and other aspects of the accident can all be determined scientifically through forensics. Quite simply, establishing liability requires facts, not speculation, and forensic analysis provides just that.

Consultation with Motorcycle Experts – Any number of experts may be called upon during the course of our investigation, including safety experts and motorcycle psychologists. These experts can help us not only conduct a comprehensive and accurate investigation, but litigate your case as well. Though the law stipulates individuals be judged by a jury of their peers, unfortunately, juries are often made up of people who have no experience with or knowledge of motorcycling. Through collaborations with motorcycle psychologists and experts, we can help explain the unique circumstances inherent in motorcycle accidents.

Without having a qualified attorney conduct a thorough motorcycle accident investigation and reconstruction, you have few options for recovery. At our Orange County law firm, we know firsthand that police reports are not always accurate; if you believe that the other party involved in your accident is at fault but the official report indicates otherwise, you need legal counsel to protect your rights. We can provide these services and determine the facts surrounding your case.

Contact A Riverside Accident Attorney

Please do not hesitate to contact the Orange County Personal Injury Lawyers at The Roberts Law Firm today to arrange a complimentary consultation. Our firm is conveniently located in Newport Beach, and serves clients throughout Orange County and Southern California. We can’t stress enough the importance motorcycle accident investigation and reconstruction has on the successful outcome of a claim. If you believe that you have been wronged as a result of another party’s negligence, we can help.

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