How a product liability lawyer in Newport Beach CA can help you

A defective product is one that is manufactured incorrectly or has some sort of defect. A product liability claim in Newport Beach can include products that fail to warn certain harms or potential consequences. A product liability lawyer from The Roberts | Jeandron Law Firm can help investigate your case to determine negligence. We have a proven track record of success representing individuals like you.

How a Product Liability Attorney in California Helps Make Your Claim Stronger

If you’ve been injured by a product, always seek medical help first. Not only is this important for your health, but it provides evidence of an injury that can be used in your lawsuit with one of our product liability lawyers. Finding product liability attorneys that are experienced and have the necessary resources to fight your case successfully is important. At The Roberts | Jeandron Law Firm, we have years of experience investigating product liability cases and representing injured victims in court.

California Product Liability Laws

In Newport Beach California, California product liability laws say that you have just two years to file a lawsuit for personal injury and three years for property damage. The state follows a comparative negligence method. This means that the amount of fault is determined for each party and they are given the amount of fault they weren’t responsible for. With product liability, there are three categories including defective design, lack of instructions/warning, and manufacturing defects.

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During a consultation, we will learn about your injuries and determine whether you have a viable product liability claim. We also can answer any questions you have about the upcoming legal process. To learn more about our Newport Beach California law firm and to have an important no-cost consultation with one of our product liability attorneys, call us today at 949-478-0499.

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